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Wedding Cake FAQs

When do I need to book my wedding cake?

We recommend booking your cake at least 3-4 months in advance especially if your wedding falls within the peak wedding season (June through September).

When can I schedule my consultation appointment?

​​Our in house Wedding tastings are currently unavailable however, we are offering Tasting sample boxes to pickup for Weddings of 50 guests+.

We require a week's notice

The box includes a selection of some of our popular options.

If there is something specific you are interested in trying, please let us know and we will accommodate that if we are able to.

Thank you,

Dessert Tray team 

We schedule appointments Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Since Saturday is the most popular day for appointments, we recommend that you call a few weeks ahead if you would like to schedule your consultation on a particular day and/or for a particular time.

Are there any restrictions for a consultation?

Yes, we currently only schedule appointments for Wedding cakes to serve 50 people or more.

If your wedding is for fewer people than that, don't worry as we make cakes tailored for whatever size Wedding you are planning and you are still more than welcome to stop in, ask questions & look through our books.

As we do not charge for our consultations, we have to set limits somewhere.

How long does the consultation take?

We schedule an hour for your appointment, but typically the consultation lasts about 30-45 minutes.

Can I bring friends and family with me to the consultation?

Yes, but keep in mind our seating area is small; we can accommodate up to 4 people total. You are welcome to take home leftover cake samples if you would for others to try.

What cake flavors will I try during my appointment?

We start out with a couple of our most popular flavor options and go from there. While we do have a variety, we don't always have every flavor available. If there is a particular cake flavor you would like to taste, please feel free to request it when you make your appointment.

What about if I have allergies or special dietary requests?

Please let us know when you make your appointment so that we can provide you with options.

How much cake should I order?

If you are having a dessert reception, we recommend that you order a serving for each of your guests. If your reception features a full meal, we generally suggest that you order 10% fewer servings than you have guests.

Can I have multiple flavors?

If you order a 3 tiered cake, we offer a choice of 2 different cake flavors. If you decide on a 4 tiered cake, you may choose between 3 of our flavors. If you would like each tier to have a different flavor, there may be an extra charge.

I'm having a large wedding and I want a highly decorated cake; is there a way to keep my cake within a budget?

An excellent way to stay within a budget is to order a smaller tiered cake and include a sheet cake to provide extra servings. This option generally works best with wedding parties of 130 or more.

Do you deliver the cake?

Yes, depending on the destination/distance.

We recommend having us deliver and set up the cake, if it falls within our delivery areas. There can be delivery charges depending on the location of the reception. There is also a starting charge of $75.00 for deliveries on Sundays.

Do you deliver to the coast or to the mountains?

Unfortunately, both are out of our delivery range.

Can we pick up the cake?

It depends.

If you are ordering a stacked/tiered cake to serve 85 people or less then picking it up is an option. With cakes serving more than 85 guests, we recommend that you have us deliver it, or consider ordering a smaller tiered cake with additional sheet cakes or cupcakes.

What if something happens to the cake after I pick it up?

Once the cake leaves our bakery we cannot guarantee that the cake will arrive safely & looking as it did upon leaving the bakery. The cake becomes the sole responsibility of the person picking it up so choose that person carefully. We offer suggestions that will help with the cake arriving at its destination looking as it should but if the person/people choose to ignore our advice, there is nothing that we can do.

The only way we can guarantee that our cakes will arrive safely is if we deliver them ourselves.

Can I have a buttercream frosted cake if I'm having an outdoor wedding?

We recommend having a fondant covered cake if your cake is going to be outdoors, particularly during the summer months. Our buttercream is made with butter and has no preservatives or artificial stabilizers. This means it will melt if it is exposed to the sun or hot temperatures. Fondant will keep the cake insulated for a little longer, but it will not hold up indefinitely either. We cannot guarantee that your cake will remain picture-perfect if it is going to be outside for any length of time. To ensure that your cake will look its best for your reception, we recommend keeping it indoors in a temperature controlled room.

Do you provide fresh flowers for the cake?

No, we do not. We recommend purchasing flowers through your florist. We are more than happy to arrange the flowers on the cake if you wish; we simply ask that you let us know in advance.

Do you offer a free anniversary cake?

Yes, we offer a complimentary 4" cake on your one year anniversary. You are welcome to choose your favorite flavor and we will decorate it for you in our traditional wedding style. Please place your order a minimum of a week in advance of your anniversary. If you want it for a different date, let us know and we can work out the details as needed.